Hasta Mudra: Gyan/Chin

My first post is about Hasta mudra – Gyan/Chin Mudra.

In order to have a good practice we should learn first discipline, patience and we should know how to balance our body in our daily life.

In this post I’m going to talk about Hasta Mudra. Hasta means hand and Mudra means gesture. For us to understand the energy that  flows in our body, we should know that our fingers represent the elements of the earth and each finger also represents the different chakras.

Thumb is related to the FIRE ELEMENT and it represents the Solar Plexus Chakra
Index is related to the AIR ELEMENT and it represents the Hearth Chakra
Medium Finger is related to the EATHEN ELEMENT and it represents the Throat Chakra
Ring Finger is related to the EARTH ELEMENT and it represents the Root Chakra
Small Finger is related to the WATER ELEMENT and it represents the Sacral Chakra
Depends to the connection that we do with our fingers we do different Hasta Mudra. Today I’m gonna give a little introduction about Gyan/Chin Mudra.
This Mudra is good to stimulate the Nadi that are located around our body.  The Benefits of this Hasta Mudra are:
Increasing your concentration and helps you to get the right focus for meditation
Helping the Prana to go around the Nadi and balance your energy all around
stimulating the Energy related with the Root Chakra
helping the intellect and makes your mind clear
So how we practically do it?
We sit in a meditation pose, Lotus is the best but depends on your level. you can simply sit on the floor in Easy or Half Lotus pose and by placing your hands on your knees you just put The Thumb and the Index fingers together (cut your nails if they touch with each other, otherwise the energy won’t flow properly), bend your head slightly  down (look at your navel) and try to have your back as straight and comfortable as possible (for beginners it might be tough or painful to do so practice just for few minutes). In This way we should have Fire and Air energy flowing around our body. You can face your palms up (Gyan Mudra) or you can face it down (Chin Mudra). The difference between those two is:
Gyan Mudra is about receiving energy from the Earth (if you feel down with not enough energy it’s because of much work or stress).
Chin Mudra is about grounding yourself (if you don’t feel secure or you don’t feel safe in certain situations or if you are confused about taking decisions).
The practice of this mudra is helpful anytime of the day and there is no contraindications on the practice time for beginners.
If you would like more info you can contact me on Instagram (DhaniYogi)
This Info are given by Krishna Das Baba the Guruji from Aranya Yoga Ashram – Dharamsala.


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    Thank you for sharing this wonderful yoga science with the world.

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