Yoga, the inner connection.


I’ve been practicing yoga after I studied in an Ashram in India.  easy to see many people practicing Yoga but many of them don’t have the real knowledge. I like to be practical and explained  things easier in order to give opportunity to people to expand their knowledge.

This blog is for geting people closer to Yoga and also Calisthenics but my main focus will be Yoga. I’ve seen lots of great Yogis practiceing on Instagram but I also see missing the real path of Yoga. The reason why I would like to give some practical info for practice is that couple days ago, I  published story on Instagram where I was asking how many people were useing music while  practiceing. I was astonished when find out  that almost half of them usually listen to music while their daily practice.

So general explanation. Yoga  means union between the Soul, Mind and Body. And that is the order. Yoga is not just Asana that is the most common thing to see and explained but is formed by other 7 different limbs that are explained in the Yoga Sutra of Petanjalim. I won’t go in specific information about it, you can contact me by e-mail if you would like to.

So what’s this 7 limbs about (8 including Asana)? Why Asana isn’t important JUST by itself?

Well 7 limbs are part of the Yoga path (8 including Asana) that you should follow to become a Yogi.  If we just practice Asana that are postures is same as practicing stretching or some gymnastics movements that are very important for our body but they won’t be for our mind.  When we practice Yoga, we shouldn’t listen music especially in the early stage, beginners for example.We should be able to practice in a busy main street of Kuala Lumpur and don’t get distracted but practically as beginners is hard to focus in a pose correctly and with ease for few minutes.

Asana is nothing more than merely stretching, but if we add the other limbs in it, we are going to discover the power of Yoga. Let’s say we are in Savasana (laid down body on the mat).

We are laid down and that’s all, so we just rest our muscle but if we

Set our mind and we won’t think anything violent,we feel truthfully about ourselves, Yama is also in the practice;

Have taken shower in the morning , we have eaten good food and we are thinking about resting the body and respecting it while in Savasana, Nyama is also in the practice

Practice this pose with the proper position of the body is Asana

Use the Ujjay Breath or any other breathing technique, Pranayama is also in the practice

Detach from the surrounding, we withdraw our senses, or at least we try to, Pratyahara is also in the practice

Concentrate preparing for meditation, Concentration is also in the practice

Meditate so Meditation is also in the practice

Find ease and comfort in the Asana so also Samadhi is in the practice

Yoga is bigger than what we think. we shouldn’t be listening to music while practicing because we could relate emotions  and our state of mind can be changed.

Enjoy the silence of the Self, enjoy to listen to our bones cracking or to our own breath.

Is gonna be gonna be Yoga!




A Yoga Teacher with the passion of Calisthenics. I've been studying Yoga in India and I got the 200Hr Certificate as Ashtanga Teacher. I have been curious always about free body workout and now I have abandoned weight already 4 years.

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