Tips for your Yoga Sequence

How to recreate your own Yoga sequence at home?

Well I’m going to give you some tips how to do it:

  1. Before you  learn on your own, I suggest to practice in a studio or with a Guruji. 
  2. Yoga sequence should be divided in 3 different parts: Warming Up, Asana and Cool Down.
  3. Practice some Pranayama (the most common to practice could be Anuloma Viloma) before starting. If you have one hour of time for Yoga, give at least 10 minutes of Pranayama. It won’t waste time of your practice but you will gain Prana for your bending poses.
  4. Choose your own style. You can practice Vinyasa between each pose or you can practice a more static Yoga. It depends on your level and on your likes. My suggestion is that, you should always follow Vinyasa because it’s the best transition in order to get to the pose with the right breath.
  5. Warming Up, even though focus is very inportant and also pranayama we should’t  forget that we are doing some muscular movements and we need to preserve our muscles first. Starting with 10 minutes warming up is going to help and prevent injuries.
  6. Asana, which is maybe the part that you were trying to do since woke up. So before practicing try to think what’s your goal of the day. Would you like to open your chest? to ground yourself?  to just relax and take some heat out of your body?
  •  Start with some Heating Up: Suryanamaskara A or Suryanamaskara B
  • Choose  your Asana in advance but always remember to start with some Standing poses, than you can either move to Balancing poses or specific for what you want to do (opening chest, straighten your legs…) and then end up with some sitting poses. Before going to the sitting poses you can also focus on a main pose which you are learning or would like to achieve   and make some preparation asana.
  • Remember each Asana you are going to choose, don’t forget to practice the counterpose. Don’t push yourself more on one side or bend your back just in one side. The goal of Yoga is balance and not stretch your muscles.


  • 7. Cool down part, this is what  will balance your body after practicing. The cool down part can be some Sitting relaxing Asana or just the most common one Savasana.  This part is what make you feel and understand if  practice was balanced. How? Well if you lay down and feel pain in your back or feel pain in one side of the body, that is when the practice wasn’t balanced and you should think which asana should be changed.


If you would like to learn which Asana would like to put in your Sequence, you can contact me by E-mail: or Instagram

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A Yoga Teacher with the passion of Calisthenics. I've been studying Yoga in India and I got the 200Hr Certificate as Ashtanga Teacher. I have been curious always about free body workout and now I have abandoned weight already 4 years.

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