Suryanamaskara/Sun Salutation

Suryanamaskara or Sun Salutation, the starting sequence of Yoga

Hello Yogi. Today I would like to talk of the importance of Suryanamaskara or Sun Salutation. First it’s important to say that there are different ways of doing this Sequence and I have always followed the Ashtanga Version of it because I studied it and also I found it very easy and yet effective.

The Suryanamaskara is a flow with 9 asana in between.

 1. Standing Meditation Pose (Yogic Breath)

2.  Standing and Raised arm position (Inhale)

3. Hand to foot Position (Exhale and Inhale while looking forward)

4. Plank Position (Exhale)

5. Up Dog Position (Inhale)

6. Down Dog Position (Exhale plus 5 deep breath)

7. Hand to foot Position (Inhale) while jumping to and then Exhale)

8. Standing and Raised arm Position (Inhale)

9. Standing Meditation Pose (Exhale)

Above the actual asana to practice the sequence (video of Sun Salutation in my Instagram @DhaniYogi). Why is this so effective?

Well this movements are pretty natural very easy to do from beginners. Each person could practice with it’s own level of stretch that has in their body. Sun Salutation isn’t a Resting sequence, it means that it’s not a sequence to break between Asana but it’s a sequence need to make the Asana flow between each other.

It has an effective benefit in your physic because while doing the sequence, lots of the toxic that we have accumulated through the day or the day before are comeing out with the sweat. The sequence  has a benefit also in strength for shoulder and arms together with the down dog pose that stretches and straightens the harm string and the IloPsoas.

The heart has also its benefit because being in a standing pose and flow until down dog it gives a good pump around the body and give the opportunity to make your blood flow in a different way. Some more since the head is upside down, the heart won’t need to pump much blood and it has a little bit of rest from its usual job.

Remember to practice this Sequence and general Yoga session with empty stomach, not even water. The digestive system is absolutely active while practicing Sun Salutation and if we are going to practice with full stomach or with something in it, our digestive system will be working double much so it extra work. One for the digestion and the other one for the sequence and this both work will make the system tired and won’t work how it should be.

Digestive System How is active in this Sequence?

The System is always moving while doing the Sun Salutation and specially when we go from Up Dog to Down Dog we are ”opening” (chest out and stomach open forward) and ”closing” (chest down but opened with the shoulder and stomach in its natural position) our belly and this movement Make our intestine, stomach and other parts of that area to move around freely in a way that during the day , we can’t actually do it (we can practice this also with Nauli Kriya for the digestive system)

Now it’s time for you to do this  practice on daily basis at least this sequence for 5 times and remember to follow your own breath (see up for inhalation/exhalation) and set your mind free from your thoughts.

Let me know how it goes and what your feelings like! It’s important for Yogi to share as many info as we can in order to improve all together! You might have very strong emotional feelings or excess of sweat. Is all part of the practice, is all good!


A Yoga Teacher with the passion of Calisthenics. I've been studying Yoga in India and I got the 200Hr Certificate as Ashtanga Teacher. I have been curious always about free body workout and now I have abandoned weight already 4 years.

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