Handstand: Keep it simple…

Hello Yogi. Today I would like to talk how to keep handstand simple.

This is maybe the asana that everybody wish to reach, desire and attachment are always behind the corner.

First of all, I would like to bust some myth about handstand.

Being able to do an handstand is not about power or strength, but is about focus, mobility and Prana. How many bodybuilders know how to do handstand? How many thin yogi women can do handstand? So the starting point, as always in Yoga, shouldn’t be the physical part of yourself but the mind and soul. It seems weird such a physical movement is more important the mental conditions rather than physical condition. The only physical conditions needed are mobility of your shoulder and a good prana in your core (not just abs).

Another thing that I have seen, many Yogi try handstand with feet up and head pushing a wheel. Please don’t do that. That movement is Ego and is very bad for your body.

Why Ego? Why bad for the body?

Because in that pose you see yourself away from the wall and imagine improving while you are hurting your body. So you rather the aesthetic and physical part to the mental part of the pose. This position for the neck, to my eyes, it seems very unnatural and wrong. Usually the neck in Asana is always bent 180 degree in each direction (Sirsasana, Fish Pose, Warrior pose, Marychasana). The neck is never bent 45 degree, unless not under pressure of the body (See Padmasana). In Sirsasana you have that slightly bent of your head but is not in your front head but is in the crown. The neck is not bent anyway like you have to bent in handstand by pushing toward wall or wheel.

The proper way to do handstand is very easy. First of all you should follow this:

  • Detachment: If you go to sleep and think of handstand, is going to take you longer. Take it easy because it will come when will be your time.
  • Pranayama: If you try handstand and can’t breath, start again with some Pranayama and meditation for you to calm your mind. Remember, if your mind is very calm in normal situation, is easier to control out of your comfort zone.
  • Stretching for the wrists: Warm up and stretch your wrists, it will helps you to be straight in line and avoid injuries.
  • Start close to the wall: The first steps are close to the wall. Just place your hands and go up. Don’t worry now on how you go up in the beginning. Be upside down and focus to push your shoulder up, like you push away from the floor and tight your butt and legs very hard. Just keep it for 30 seconds (if you keep for 5.. well work your weeks or months to go at 30 seconds)
  • Always Standing Asana after handstand: handstand has many good side effects. Blood pressure , slowing down the heart beat, self esteem. Remember to balance this effect by standing again. Do some warrior pose or balancing pose like tree pose that helps your body to be again in its normal position.

Handstand is a starting point to know yourself because make you see things from another perspective. Practice regularly, once again, without attachment. The actual practice never do it by watching your body in a mirror or using your phone, You need to know yourself from the inside not from your body shape. Just Sometimes, see yourself in mirror or video is good to see why you aren’t doing improvements. If you think that you aren’t strong enough, read this.

Give me a shout if you would achieve handstand with me!

Hope you enjoy Yogi, please if you don’t agree with this post, contact me and we can discuss, we need to improve all together!




A Yoga Teacher with the passion of Calisthenics. I've been studying Yoga in India and I got the 200Hr Certificate as Ashtanga Teacher. I have been curious always about free body workout and now I have abandoned weight already 4 years.

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