Psoas Muscle, why so important?

Have you ever heard about Psoas Muscle?

Well, if not, after reading this post pay more attention to this muscle and do research about it. I am not a doctor and I don’t have any degree, this is knowledge that come from Yoga, if you would like more technical info, ask to those that have studied and could explain deeper.

Let’s yoga..! The Psoas is the deepest muscle located inside your core and for this reason is very hard to training¬†

The Psoas, is the only muscle that connect the spine to your legs.

Because of its location it works as a support of your internal organs and its not just about this kind of work that it makes but there is a relation to the breath. The psoas is considered another ”brain”. Two tendons that go to the diaphragm are wrapped in each psoas that we have (2) and this connection controls the ability of walking, breathing and also emotions, like excitement and fear.So what we have here is a muscle that it can controls literally our way of living and we should not avoid its knowledge. We should listen to this muscle and practice in order to make it balance and less stressed because it will make our way of living much easier. ¬†

How do I see if my Psoas is tighten?

  1. Check your Pelvic! Yes a tight Psoas will turn your pelvic forward and by doing this it can make one leg slightly longer than the other one and you will see this unbalance while walking;
  2. Lower back pain! When you don’t have the rotation of joint because the psoas is tight it can occur a pain in your lower back and the tighten of the psoas it can be one of the reasons;
  3. Once again, Pelvic..! Do you have a ”duck butt”? or you see a very pronounced curve in lower back and butt? well release your psoas..!
  4. Feeling exhausted or in danger. The kidney and the adrenals it rests on your psoas and when is tight it doesn’t move properly and does not massage your those organs and the blood circulation will be affected also and this is why the feeling of danger and exhausted come from.

How I could avoid the tighten of the Psoas?

  1. Avoid siting for long periods.
  2. Alternate your workout and don’t get extreme on it. Balance Is always the key!
  3. Release the stress.
  4. Practice Yoga.

Which Asana could I do to let my Psoas be more balanced?

First of all, practice Yoga almost everyday if possible. Each session that you start, warm up with at least 5 Suryanamaskara. Then try to practice this sequence for you to get release the Psoas. Remember that to release the psoas is not going to happened in one day and also, if you practice yoga but still get yourself in stressful situation and life it won’t get any affection on your body. The balance with Yoga it comes not just from Body or just from mind or just of soul. The balance it comes from body,mind and soul all together.

Connect each asana with a Vinyasa.

  1. Suryanamaskara x 5 times;
  2. Trikonasana;
  3. Warrior Pose I;
  4. Pigeon Pose;
  5. Dandasana;
  6. Navasana;
  7. Lion Pose;
  8. Samastiti;

Deepen your practice with the right breath and keep a dynamic movement without getting exhausted while doing it. Ujjay Breath is the best , but keep your own breath as long as it comes in and out from the nose.

How is your psoas? Let me know!

A Yoga Teacher with the passion of Calisthenics. I've been studying Yoga in India and I got the 200Hr Certificate as Ashtanga Teacher. I have been curious always about free body workout and now I have abandoned weight already 4 years.

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