Yoga Sutra: First Verse

Atha Yoga anushasanam

Now, the teaching of Yoga.

This is the First verse of Yoga Sutra written by Petanjali. This book is written in very short verses and this is made because the goal is to attract the attention of the reader.

The First word is ”Atha” and this words mean ”now. With this short words, Petanjaly try to take your attention and want that your thoughts are left behind. Now it means, we focus in this lecture, Now is the time to focus in Yoga.

The second word is ‘Yoga” and this word it means union, this word is the second starting point of your journey. From ”Now” you should focus on the union (Yoga) of the Body, Mind and Soul. Without this second words with the actual meaning of Yoga, there is any effect but just simple stretching.

The third word is ‘anushasanam’. This word is a statement that means practice. If we don’t surrender to the practice of ”Yoga”, ”Now”, there is not a reason to start reading this book. By practicing we are not talking about what exactly in this Sutra, but we are focusing more on Surrender of the practice and discipline that the practice itself it gives to us.

This is the comment that I have, I wish to know your thinking about your comment of this very important verse.

If you haven’t read yet Yoga Sutra and you are already practicing. Step back, buy the book, I suggest in your native language, because is a very deep book and take your time in reading it. This book shouldn’t be rush but should be understood and is part of the path of Yoga, can be slow, can be quick; it doesn’t matter, what it matters is to read and surrender.


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