Yoga Sutra: 5 Kleshas

In the Yoga Sutra, after the explanation of the Kriya Yoga, Petanjalim explain the 5 reasons that afflict our mind.

This afflictions are Kleshas:

  1. Ignorance (avidya)
  2. Ego (asmita)
  3. Attachment to Pleasure (raga)
  4. Aversion to Pain (dvesa)
  5. Fear of Death (abhinivesah)
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Each of us has this kind of afflictions. The representation of the  Klesha is easy to understand by indicating them as a tree. Ignorance (avidya) is the trunk of the tree and the other 4 Kleshas are the branches.

  • Ignorance (avidya) is the Klesha that decide mostly our action. This Ignorance is what lead us to choose our lifestyle. We shouldn’t accept to be ignorant but we should accept to be ignorant and learn about it.
  • Ego (Asmita) is the second Klesha that lead us to always think about ourselves and always relate everything with me,myself and I. Is very important to remember that we are all together one thing and all of us has exactly the5 same elements of the earth.  Put the Ego apart, will set us more humble and more connected with people.
  • Attachment (Raga) has a relation with desire. We all have desire and there is nothing wrong with it, until we won’t get attachment from it. Attachment is the action that drive us to be cling and grasp on anything we will feel desire.

Without these kleshas, Yogis will have the real freedom

  • Aversions (Dvesa)  is very connected with the attachment and desire. Whenever we have a strong attachment, the aversions will rise up more. The more the desire won’t be fulfilled, the more aversions we will have.
  • Fear (Abhinidvesa) is probably the tip of the iceberg. It’s the action that is most visible on our daily action. Having fear of getting out of the comfort zone or having fear of being yourself are one of the many actions that take us back to ignorance.
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To reduce the Kleshas in your daily life, try to follow the Yama and Nyama of Ashtanga. Here is a link of what they actually are.

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