Ashtanga Yoga Talking: Asana

Ashtanga Yoga Talking: Asana, the poses for the body.

Another Limb of Ashtanga Yoga is Asana. After have acknowledged the first two limbs, the Yogi can focus on the Asana.

Asana is wrongly related with the whole Yoga. Asana is just one part of the path of Yoga.

Practicing this limb without any of the other limbs, is the same of doing normal exercises. To get the benefit of Asana is necessary to at least, practice Yama, Nyama and Pranayama.  In other words, is important to have a balanced life and then the practice of Asana is efficient.

Sthira sukham asanam

The posture (asana) for Yoga meditation should be steady, stable, and motionless, as well as comfortable, and this is the third of the eight rungs of Yoga. (Yoga Sutra – Petanjalim 2.46)

Asana is a Sequence of different poses. We can have Ashtanga Sequence that is fix and cannot be change. Beginners start to practice the Primary Series and is always the same Asana.  However if Yogis aren’t into the discipline of Ashtanga is also possible to practice Hatha Yoga. Hatha Yoga is more general and is up to the teacher to create a sequence. There are also other kind of Yoga, and you can read more info here.

This physical movement, Asana, is what gives the perfect combination for flexibility and mobility. The flexibility in many cases has strong connection with the mental and emotional status of the individual. An healthy body means an healthy mind.




A Yoga Teacher with the passion of Calisthenics. I've been studying Yoga in India and I got the 200Hr Certificate as Ashtanga Teacher. I have been curious always about free body workout and now I have abandoned weight already 4 years.

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