Ashtanga Yoga Talking: Dharana

Ashtanga Yoga Talking: Dharana the concentration of a Yogi

After we have seen the Pratyahara as control of senses, we check the sixth limb of Yoga called Dharana.

Dharana is also about control and about concentration of the mind. This is the early stage of meditation.

Being concentrate it helps the practitioner to achieve Samadhi, without concentration is not possible to go over the other steps. 

Practicing Dharana is very similar to practice meditation. The individual sit in a comfortable position with spine erect with eyes shut.

Choose a calm place and an environment where we feel comfortable is very important for beginners to don’t let any warning thoughts to come around in the mind.

Concentration is also related with single focus so it means that the individual can focus in just one single- pointed mind and this status will lead to achieve the next step of meditation.  As a concentration practice can be done the ‘Tatrak meditation’(further more explanation about it).


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