Ashtanga Yoga Talking: Dhyana

Ashtanga Yoga Talking. Dyhana, the meditation status

If we achieve a good concentration status, we can automatically step into the Meditation process. To be in a meditation process is hard and it needs,  the mind to get rid of any thoughts.

Practice Meditation it means to withdraw any thoughts that are in our mind with the control of the breath. In the early stage of meditation it will happened to have, as many yogi called, ‘monkey mind’. The monkey mind is always talking to us especially while trying to get into meditation.

The mind is not used to be free from thoughts. Anytime we try to get the mind free, it automatically will take any random thoughts that is seat unconscious in our brain and make it work. To control this thoughts the individual can simply focus on the breath without forcing the mind to withdraw those thinking.

To practice meditation is better to sit in a comfortable position. Trying to get your mind free by focusing on the breath and without forcing the self to get rid of any thoughts.

Meditation is also possible to practice in another way: while experiencing  any other Karma (action). This is called being meditative and is another good way for beginners to get close into the meditation steps.

For example you can simply do any action like cooking or cleaning and don’t let any other thoughts being inside your mind. After completed that action is better to sit and trying to practice meditation. After that the mind will be much more easy to control.

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