Ashtanga Yoga Talking: Samadhi

Ashtanga Yoga Talking: Samadhi, the enlightenment process..

The explanation of Samadhi as enlightenment. This is the last of the limbs that Yogi would achieve. Is not possible to reach Samadhi if the individual didn’t have followed the other 7 limbs of Ashtanga Yoga.

Samadhi differently to the other limbs is not possible to practice. It will just come naturally after have achieved a good level of concentration and meditation. Samadhi is compared as a deep sleep.

The difference with the deep sleep is that there is not consciousness but in Samadhi there is full consciousness. There are different types of Samadhi.

Each type of Samadhi are known under the name of: Sabija Samadhi

The first Samadhi is Samprajnata:

1. Samvirtarka Samadhi –  When the mind involves content that are gross objects.

2. Samvichara Samadhi – When the mind involves subtler mental impressions.

3. Ananda – When the mind involves bliss feelings from the inside.

4. Asmita – When the mind involves the feeling of the individuality.

Asamprajnata Samadhi:

1. Nirvirtarka Smadahi is the transition between the Samvitarka and Samvichara

2. Nirvichara Samadhi is the transition between Samvichara to Ananda

3. Ananda to Asmita

4. Asmita to Nirbija Samadhi

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