Beginners topic: meditation, why should I try it?

Beginners topic: meditation, why should I try it?


I am always interested in when newbies are talking about meditation.   People, in general, believe that meditation is condition when your mind is out from this world and you only achive this condition if you can concentrate and control your mind very well.

Well, at some point, it is correct but we need to understand that, everyone is able to meditate even though they don’t understand how to concentrate. The goal shouldn’t be meditationg at firs try but becomeing meditative first.

Now inagine you are sitting and meditating. On your first try you will stay in this condition for a few seconds of minutes, in order to enhance this you have to think that there is other thing to improve, which is being meditative.

how can you be meditative?

Well, imagine that you are eating meal and your mind is focused on your daily problems. In this condition you are automaticly eating your food and not letting yourself to enjoy it. Firs step to learn concentration and achive meditation is to actually enjoy your meal, feel the taste, be glad for what you have on your plate, let yourself to enjoy the moment and don’t let enything to disturbe you

This should be the practice in your every day life. Try to focuse on one thing and don’t think about many  things at the same time. Learn how to enjoy the moment. Try to find inner calmness. This is your firs step on your way to learning meditation.



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