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            Pranayama is one of the eight limbs of Ashtanga yoga and it represents breathing techniques.   

Pranayama has lots of different techniques which helps the beginner to improve control of the body and mind. It is kind of an instrument which helps you to control yourdelf and to find inner calmness. At the beginig of pranayama I don’t want to explain how to practice technique without showing you, so I just want to focus on technique which should be understandable without showing.

So in ordert to understanding how to control your breath  ( which is first and the most important step) you just need to listen to it. Be quaiet and take a deep breath in and out. Do not open your mouth, breath with your nose, while you are breathing abserve your feelings and listen to the sound which you are makeing while breathing. Also try to breath with your belly do not open your chest, it is better to place your hands on your belly in order to feel the movemant of your belly while you are breathing.

It is that simple, just breathing, but trust me it can bring lots of benefits in your life.

In this way you will start practiceing your first pranayama. I just wanted to share this with you because I think pranayama is very important to deeply understand what yoga is about and in order to fully understand philosophy of breathing we need to start practiceing basics first.

Don’t be aftrade, try new things to make your life more adventorous.


P.S you can find more information about pranayama here

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