Contentment and Gratitude

I looked at the ocean and I realize what curiosity is and how it can ”hurt us” and other people.

Curiosity is something very important because, I would say, is the opposite of ignorance. Being Ingorant is a choice and when you decide so, you should not complain about what you have and what you can get. Curiosity is much needed in order to improve yourself. We look at the ocean from above and when you look at it, when is calm, imagine what’s down there.. How much life is going on there, how many things are happening while you see the surface that is just still.

Curiosity is that feeling that will lead you to get to know the ocean. You can learn scuba diving and get down there and check it out.. but doing that, you will get inside something that it doesn’t belong to you, you will get into something that is not yours and probably you should not be close to.

Then you can take a boat and see the fishes without getting close to them, but what about we are disturbing them with that sound?

Curiosity is important but thinks that we shall always find a compromise to do not hurt anyone else or to do not get into someone else life.

Sit, watch the ocean, be curious about it but enjoy what you can get from above. The deeper you go, the deeper you will want to know.

Contentment and gratitude on the things we have, this is what the ocean has taught me.

Don’t get curious for Yourself, get curious for the Self.

A Yoga Teacher with the passion of Calisthenics. I've been studying Yoga in India and I got the 200Hr Certificate as Ashtanga Teacher. I have been curious always about free body workout and now I have abandoned weight already 4 years.

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