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beginners topic: pranayama, best technique for starst

                Pranayama is one of the eight limbs of Ashtanga yoga and it represents breathing techniques.    Pranayama has lots of different techniques which helps the beginner to improve control of the body and mind. It is kind of an instrument which helps you to control yourdelf and…

Beginners topic: meditation, why should I try it?

Beginners topic: meditation, why should I try it?   I am always interested in when newbies are talking about meditation.   People, in general, believe that meditation is condition when your mind is out from this world and you only achive this condition if you can concentrate and control your mind very well. Well, at some…

Beginners Topic: How do I start Yoga?

Hello Yogi and future Yogi! A question I am very often asked is: How do I start a yoga practice? What should I do? I can’t do handstands, and/or I’m not flexible enough. Can I still practice yoga? First, we need to understand that yoga is not about how flexible we are or how perfect…

Yoga Anywhere: 5 Standing Asanas

Hello Yogi. This is the last post about the feature: Yoga Anywhere! This last topic will focus about Standing Asana. I did want to keep it general because I do feel that standing asana can be practice everywhere. This time I choose poses that help enhance the focus and the relaxation of the mind. Apart…

Yoga anywhere: 5 Asanas for your daily office life!

Hello Yogi. This is the second post about the Yoga Anywhere Section. Many people is dreaming to have a job as a Yoga Teacher or have enough time to practice at least one hour per day. The reality in many cases, unluckily is different. If you work in a office, you will spend time sitting….

Yoga anywhere: 5 Asanas in the airport

5 Asanas in the airport… We all have been traveled in a long journey that made our body sore. Today I want to share 5 best Asana which are the best for my point of view to practice in the airport. Considering that you will spend long time sitting in a not comfortable position, we…

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