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Ashtanga Yoga Talking: Nyama

Ashtanga Yoga Talking: Nyama, the discipline of a Yogi. Nyama as the Yama is divided into 5 different branch that explained the Discipline of a Yogi. This Nyama are also indicated in the Yoga Sutra of Petanjalim. 1.    Shauca (Cleanliness) –      Shauca is the first of the Nyama that has a very important impact on…

Ashtanga Yoga Talking: Yama

Ashtanga Yoga Talking: Yama Petanjalim in its Yoga Sutra have indicated the path to reach enlightenment. Yama is the first road that lead to this path. Here is the 5 different rules that are part of Yama: Ahimsa (No-Harming) Ahimsa Pratishthayam tat vaira-tyagah As a Yogi becomes grounded in non-injury, others will naturally lose any…

Shall I do the 200Hr YTTC?

Hi Yogi and Yogini. If you are reading this post, you probably aren’t a Yoga Teacher yet. If you are a Yoga teacher, comment below and add some other realities and more suggestion to new Yogis! Shall I do the 200Hr YTTC?  I always answered to this question, straight away. YES! I will list some…