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Contentment and Gratitude

I looked at the ocean and I realize what curiosity is and how it can ”hurt us” and other people. Curiosity is something very important because, I would say, is the opposite of ignorance. Being Ingorant is a choice and when you decide so, you should not complain about what you have and what you…

Beginners topic: meditation, why should I try it?

Beginners topic: meditation, why should I try it?   I am always interested in when newbies are talking about meditation.   People, in general, believe that meditation is condition when your mind is out from this world and you only achive this condition if you can concentrate and control your mind very well. Well, at some…

Beginners Topic: How do I start Yoga?

Hello Yogi and future Yogi! A question I am very often asked is: How do I start a yoga practice? What should I do? I can’t do handstands, and/or I’m not flexible enough. Can I still practice yoga? First, we need to understand that yoga is not about how flexible we are or how perfect…


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