About Me

1Hi Yogi and Yogini, I am Danilo from Italy but you can call me Dhani. I was born and raised in Sicily near the Volcano Etna. I am a yogi with a strong passion for free body workout. Before getting to know Yoga, I was and still, I am into Calisthenics. Practising Calisthenics means to build the body respecting your shapes. I strongly believe that we don’t need any equipment to make our body feel good and stay in a good shape.

I have been practicing Calisthenics but I have also seen that many people have focused its training on strength in order to achieve certain skills and that the intensive training has given many injuries to those that practice Calisthenics (included me).

In 2017, I went to India and learned Ashtanga Yoga. I had the chance to study at the Aranya Yoga Ashram with the guidance and help of Krishna Das Baba: the whole experience opened my eyes to how powerful Yoga is.

Ever since I came back, I decided to embrace a more Yogic lifestyle. In this blog I would like to talk about Yoga and give also some tips about Calisthenicss. The Goal is to help those Calisthenics Beginners and Intermediate Yogi to make them achieve some Calisthenics skills and balance their Yoga Sequence dependings on their need.

Practicing Yoga with me will help you achieve balance, connect with yourself and discover the inner prana that is going to help you to achieve goals in workout and life without attachment.

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