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Yoga anywhere: 5 Asanas in the airport

5 Asanas in the airport… We all have been traveled in a long journey that made our body sore. Today I want to share 5 best Asana which are the best for my point of view to practice in the airport. Considering that you will spend long time sitting in a not comfortable position, we…

Psoas Muscle, why so important?

Have you ever heard about Psoas Muscle? Well, if not, after reading this post pay more attention to this muscle and do research about it. I am not a doctor and I don’t have any degree, this is knowledge that come from Yoga, if you would like more technical info, ask to those that have…

Building strength for Beginners, with Yoga!

Building strength for Beginners, with Yoga? Is it possible? Hello Yogi, I’ve been asked on how beginners can improve their strength. Well, if you are looking for recommendation which will change your body in short amount of time, it’s not going to happened so be patience and start practicing without attachment. So I would like…


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