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Contentment and Gratitude

I looked at the ocean and I realize what curiosity is and how it can ”hurt us” and other people. Curiosity is something very important because, I would say, is the opposite of ignorance. Being Ingorant is a choice and when you decide so, you should not complain about what you have and what you…

Beginners Topic: How do I start Yoga?

Hello Yogi and future Yogi! A question I am very often asked is: How do I start a yoga practice? What should I do? I can’t do handstands, and/or I’m not flexible enough. Can I still practice yoga? First, we need to understand that yoga is not about how flexible we are or how perfect…

Yoga Anywhere: 5 Standing Asanas

Hello Yogi. This is the last post about the feature: Yoga Anywhere! This last topic will focus about Standing Asana. I did want to keep it general because I do feel that standing asana can be practice everywhere. This time I choose poses that help enhance the focus and the relaxation of the mind. Apart…


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