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Shall I do the 200Hr YTTC?

Hi Yogi and Yogini. If you are reading this post, you probably aren’t a Yoga Teacher yet. If you are a Yoga teacher, comment below and add some other realities and more suggestion to new Yogis! Shall I do the 200Hr YTTC?  [the_ad id=”398″] I always answered to this question, straight away. YES! I will…

Pranayama, do I really need it?

Pranayama, do I really need it? This is the question that some Yogis has asked me.  I always like to keep explanation simple about Yoga information. Pranayama is one of the 8 limbs of Ashtanga (click here for more details). Pranayama means the extension of the breath and as we know there are many techniques….

Short guide on How to balance chakra

Everybody have heard about Chakra and everyone is trying to find balance but how? First of all, we should know keywords as: Nadi, Susumna, Ida, Pingala, Prana and of course balance. Why these words and what is their connection? In our body we have 72.000 Nadi and they are used to move energy around our…


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