Gayatri Mantra

Om Bhur Bhuvaḥ Swaḥ
Tat-savitur Vareñyaṃ
Bhargo Devasya Dhīmahi
Dhiyo Yonaḥ Prachodayāt


Gayatri Mantra is a very powerful ”song” for people that chant and for those that listen.  The general meaning of this mantra is:

We meditate to the Supreme Lord, to the creator.

With its power, illuminate us and lead us.

This mantra has many benefit for those that are used to chant. The importance is to learn the words properly and trying to repeat them well.  This Mantra we can find to be listened in Restaurants in India in the morning because one of its benefits is about giving prosperity by bowing to the Supreme and thank him of what we have had so far.

Gayatri-Mantra-Effect-e1494354012983The different syllable that are in this mantra make the vibration in each different part of our body and by doing this, we can feel the benefit if we used to chant daily.

Some more benefits are:

  • It improves your concentration;
  • It bows you to something bigger than you, called it Supreme, God or Vital Energy;
  • It improves the rhythm pattern of breath;
  • it keeps our hearth healthy;

I  share a link of the Gayatri Mantra sung by a woman and it can help you on learning the mantra, I also used to listen it when I start working but remember don’t eat while you listen, don’t drink and focus on the mantra, chant while listen and don’t talk with other people. If is impossible for you to do this while working, better to don’t listen and just find the time to listen this song or chant by JUST focusing in the Mantra. Remember to repeat a Mantra 108 times (Why 108 Times?)!

Here is the link in YouTube of the Gayatri Mantra






54 Suryanamaskara,, What’s the feeling like?


I have been curious about trying 108 Suryanamaskara. As a Yogi this number is found many times and is sacred in Yogic and Hindu culture. The sun and the moon to the earth is 108 times their respective diameters. If you buy Japamala to chant Mantra, you will find 108 beads on it, that’s why on Youtube is easy to find mantra songs repeated 108 times!

Usually for the spring equinox is a good practice to do 108 Suryanamaskara. I couldn’t do it by that time and I have chosen just this morning, to try at least 54 times all in one time.

First of all I set myself with just some very tight pants and I was in my room. I started at 11 am and I was with empty stomach (I had breakfast at 6.00 am). I chose not to have any clock or phone around me so I could enjoy the counting of this sequence without getting distracted from the environment. The Suryanamaskara that I have practiced was the ”B” from Ashtanga Yoga, and my 54 times are included of both legs (I count both legs, one Suryanamaskara).

When I started I didn’t know how long time I was going to do that, but I could feel that for the whole time, I never had a slowdown in my practice. The first 15 times more or less wasn’t much focus and my body wasn’t really flowing, I started to have pain in both wrists and after those times, everything was gone. My breath was good (I didn’t practice the ujjay breath but just a deep yogic breath) and my body wasn’t feeling much of being tired neither strong.

The practice kept going and after the 15 times (more or less, not sure about it) I started to sweat just from my belly and chest, and minutes later also from my head and face, the legs will be also sweaty almost at the end of the practice. This sweat made me feel so much heat coming out from the body. I have worked out in these days outside in my backyard at 3pm under the sun and this much of heat coming out from my body wasn’t there at all. From this 15 times till the 50 I got the right flow and from down dog to warrior pose I was always coming up nicely and proudly without loose even just little of balance. The last 4 times where kind of countdown in my head, so my mind got bit distracted (that’s why we and most of all I, need to do more pranayama and mantra).

The first thought after I finish my Sequence was a very natural smile and deep happiness and connection with my body and myself. I didn’t feel tired at all and I have practiced for 45 minutes straight without any rest. Then my heat was still lot and after 10 minutes finish my practice, I went to shower and I had to use very cold water for me to get my body again with the right heat, for one minute I also felt that the water in my hand was very cold but in my back, chest and belly was super hot.

I suggest you Yogi to try once and next week I want to try to do 108 times. To me is something that done every two week give us a nice effect on our skin. All the toxic that we have from our feelings it comes out and make us feel better and cleaner.

Let me know if you gonna try and share your experience!