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Ashtanga Yoga Talking: Nyama

Ashtanga Yoga Talking: Nyama, the discipline of a Yogi. Nyama as the Yama is divided into 5 different branch that explained the Discipline of a Yogi. This Nyama are also indicated in the Yoga Sutra of Petanjalim. 1.    Shauca (Cleanliness) –      Shauca is the first of the Nyama that has a very important impact on…

Ashtanga Yoga Talking: Yama

Ashtanga Yoga Talking: Yama Petanjalim in its Yoga Sutra have indicated the path to reach enlightenment. Yama is the first road that lead to this path. Here is the 5 different rules that are part of Yama: Ahimsa (No-Harming) Ahimsa Pratishthayam tat vaira-tyagah As a Yogi becomes grounded in non-injury, others will naturally lose any…

Shall I do the 200Hr YTTC?

Hi Yogi and Yogini. If you are reading this post, you probably aren’t a Yoga Teacher yet. If you are a Yoga teacher, comment below and add some other realities and more suggestion to new Yogis! Shall I do the 200Hr YTTC?  I always answered to this question, straight away. YES! I will list some…

Yoga Sutra: 5 Kleshas

In the Yoga Sutra, after the explanation of the Kriya Yoga, Petanjalim explain the 5 reasons that afflict our mind. This affliction are Kleshas: Ignorance (avidya) Ego (asmita) Attachment to Pleasure (raga) Aversion to Pain (dvesa) Fear of Death (abhinivesah) Each of us has this kind of afflictions. The representation of the  Klesha is easy…

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