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Aranya Yoga Ashram is located in Palolem, south Goa and in Bhagsu nag, Dharamshala, Himalayas. The ashram gives you the opportunity to participate in the 200 hrs & 300 hrs YTTC.
I have taken the course in the ashram and I collaborate with them. The lessons are given by an indian baba called Krishna das baba and his team. The locations of the ashrams are worth it by themselves because they are pleasant and give the perfect vibes to spend some weeks while taking the course. This YTTC is recognized by yoga Alliance. The ashram is a small place conducive to the study of yoga. For a real ashram experience one does not need a fancy studio or modern life comforts, what you need is someone that will convey and make sure you understand what yogic life is; for that Krishna das baba is what everyone is looking for.
The classes are kept small with a max of 8 to 12 per YTTC, keeping the groups small facilitates the learning process. Both locations are truly wonderful, for me the best to try your discipline and willingness for yoga is Palolem. Why? You get a beautiful beach to relax, nice sunshine weather, you can meet many bakpackers, very good food at the ashram or in the restaurants along the beach.
The desire is always around the corner, so it will be your choice to practice and being focused[we have a lot of fun anyway].


I will share the links down where you can contact the Ashram for more specifically info.

FB Page: Aranya Yoga Ashram

Instagram: Aranya Yoga Ashram

TripAdvisor: Aranya Yoga Ashram


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